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Westside History Art Play Group - Community Arts Project
The Worcester Archive Source Project worked with Expressive Arts to deliver arts and history workshops to three very varied groups who use the Green Centre at Dines Green Worcester. The three groups have all explored history under the title of 'West Side Story', and have been using historic documents from as far back as 1667. From families ruined by civil war to romantic liaisons in the pastoral mills and fields, the groups have been creating canvases that depict fascinating history, with the help of Victoria Westaway of Expressive Arts.

Fifty people have been involved in the project at the Green Centre in Dines Green, including an after school children's club (Kids Club), an older personís support group (Worcester 'Live at Home') and a support group for adults with a physical and, or sensory impairment (CONNECT support group).

Each group presented their findings and art work following the project in Dines Green, which has been organised by the Worcestershire Record Office, with contributions from Worcester City Council's Historic Environment Record, and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Westside History Art Live at Home Group - Community Arts ProjectWestside History Art Connect Group - Community Arts Project

Children were particularly thrilled to hear their homes were situated in ancient fields with names such as ĎMiddle Ghosty Groundí, and mentions of hop and fruit growing inspired memories for many. The project has been organised by Worcester Archive Source Project which has already delivered two other community history celebrations in St John's and on old St Andrew's parish.

Westside History Art - Community Arts Presentation DayThe final showcase event took place on Saturday, November 14, at the Green Centre in Dines Green and as well as showcasing the art there was an 'awards' ceremony when participants received a certificate and a souvenir of their involvement. There was a local history exhibit for visitors to see and the three groups' artwork was revealed.

Vic and the team have worked really hard to get the local community creatively involved. Itís been a wonderful project that has†developed interest in local history. It has brought different generations together and has benefited the local residents by developing a stronger sense of community. Mandy Rimell, Green Centre Manager on the Westside History and Art Project

Elizabeth Roper from Worcester Archive Source Project said: "This has been a fascinating project for the people of Dines Green. The groups have really got into the spirit of celebrating the identity of this corner of Worcester, which was once a manorial estate. Itís been great to work with such a diverse range of people, and see how their artwork reflects their interests. Once again, Victoria Westaway, our community artist has been an inspiration to them, and the Green Centre has been an excellent base."

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